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I want to start out by saying that I wasn't always where I am now in my business. I started my photography business in high school, teaching myself everything there was to know about the industry. Despite my initial lack of expertise, I threw myself into the wedding industry, fueled by determination and passion. Each wedding and session I captured became a chapter in my education, a visual narrative of my growth.

In just about 3 years, I built a thriving six-figure business from the ground up. I transformed my humble beginnings into a success story, traveling the country to document love stories for couples who truly value me, booking my dream clients, and falling into my role as an educator. Along the way, I expanded my business to host workshops for other photographers, became a guest speaker on podcasts and at events, and mentored inspiring photographers one-on-one. 

photographer + educator

hi friend, I'm keeli


Virtual Mentorship

Mentorship package

a 90 minute 1-1 zoom call

This session will be a 90 minute Zoom call customized specifically for you.

After booking, you will be sent a questionnaire so I can get to know you and the dreams you have for your business. From there, I will custom make a mentor session for you, touching on 3-5 topics of your choice. 

$550 (two payments of $275)

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Topics We Can Cover

posing + directing


manual camera settings

social media

storytelling images


planning styled shoots

slow shutter/motion blur

client experience


intro to super 8 videos

workflow (emails, contracts, etc)

Portfolio Audit

portfolio audit

elevate your portfolio

My portfolio audits are crafted to elevate your photos and ultimately allow you to produce more artful and polished work. 

Upon booking, you will send me a handful of galleries to look over. From there, I will deliver a comprehensive video full of recommendations, constructive critiques, and guidance on how to fine-tune your images. It's so valuable to have an artist that you admire look over your work, as a fresh set of creative eyes often catch things that we don't see ourselves.

$500 (two payments of $250)

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- Lauren Hope Photography

"I was lucky enough to have Keeli review my portfolio at one of her recent retreats in Alaska. She was incredibly insightful, kind, and encouraging. Her eye for detail shocked me. She noticed small details that I had never considered before and offered solutions that immediately elevated my portfolio once I began implementing them. Her constructive feedback was motivating and encouraging. If you are feeling stuck or are in a creative rut, I highly recommend a session with Keeli!! I promise you will leave inspired & ready to take your portfolio to the next level."

"She noticed small details that I had never considered before"

- sydney breann photo

I had the pleasure of receiving a portfolio review from Keeli, and it was an incredibly insightful experience. She delved into the artful aspects of galleries such as posing, storytelling, and composition. Her guidance on posing couples and the small changes I could make to my galleries to show more storytelling was particularly enlightening! Her review instilled a newfound confidence in my ability to convey compelling stories through improved composition and just letting the couples be themselves instead of imposing certain popular prompts or poses onto them. I am grateful for her feedback and the confidence I now have when looking for things during a shoot like leading lines, lighting, movement, and framing!

"An incredibly insightful experience"

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