- My philosophy behind blurry photos
- A comprehensive list of poses + prompts for blurry photos
- The slow shutter settings I use at every shoot
- 2 different blur techniques + how to implement them
- Step by step tutorials


The knowledge in this guide took me an extensive amount of time to master. Through trial and error, I have created a foolproof system to elevate your galleries with blurry photos. By experiencing this guide, you will have a complete understanding of how to utilize blur in your photos to create soulful, emotive photographs.






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If you've ever wondered how to create those dreamy, softened images that tell a captivating story, look no further. This PDF guide spills the secrets on how I craft those mesmerizing, cinematic photos that add a whole new dimension to your visual storytelling.

Meet the Slow Shutter Guide - made for photographers who want to elevate their art.


Slow Shutter Guide

No.1  Slow shutter

(Idaho Wedding + Elopement Photographer)

Keeli Felty

Discover the techniques and tricks to intentionally add blur into your photos, transforming ordinary scenes into moments of pure magic. This is a roadmap to elevate your photos into art, and enhance your storytelling skills

about the slow shutter guide

Feels unmotivated/stuck in a creative rut.

Wants to add more emotion to their photos.

Wants to become a better storyteller.

Is longing for more passion during their shoots.

Wants to explore their full potential as an artist.





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